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Steel & Container in Building Construction

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

The Embassy (still under constuction) is a container office designed in Wuse 2 Abuja using shipping container as a structural frame.

The Architects are very deliberate about their design, which includes their plan for mobility and providing additional headroom for the container using steel stanchion. The structure is temporary and could be uncoupled should a need to move it arise.

Pine Projects used their exquisite expertise and the church's intuition to configure cargo containers to fit what extra spaces for the office complex.

The structure will be insulated with styrofoam to provide thermal comfort, and air conditioned spaces while to enable the toilet walls to be tiled, concrete boards will be used.

Aside steel, the construction also consists of woods for partitioning and cladding.

The roof plan is well thought out

- a butterfly concept to add a bit of character to the structure.

This container office is being impeccably designed with the vision to offer the client a state of the art office apartment, once completed, the 1 storey Office will accommodate 6 offices, 1 reception, a sitting lounge, a conference room and a library.

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